Join Fito de la Parra, producer and drummer of Canned Heat, for a wild ride in a world of Music, Drugs, Death, Sex and Survival in his autobiography ''Living The Blues''.

frontcover-thirdFind out what happened to the world-famous band when Woodstock was over and the '60s ran out. Discover how Fito survived the wildly eccentric, deliberately chaotic and fabulously excessive lifestyle of a rock star to become one of today's most important artists interpreting the blues.

Filled with over 100 rare and collectable photographs and artwork images from the '60s, '70s and '80s, it is available through the
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"Fantastic read. Tales of the best white blues boogie band from Viet Nam to Venice. Captures the true flavour of the era.”
- Eric Burdon, rock'n'roll legend

"Riveting reading... Canned Heat's story is one wild ride."
- All Book Guide

"Fito pounds out a story like a boogie beat on the drums, a gripping tale that captures the spirit of the biker and blues worlds." - Dana Traxel, President Hells Angels of San Fernando Valley

"Canned Heat were once one of the most popular musical acts on the planet... 'Ill-fated' doesn't begin to cover the blues-rock legends' bad luck... (But they) are now enjoying their most commercially successful period in a quarter-century." - London Daily Telegraph

"As long as de la Parra is alive, the spirit of Canned Heat will never die."
- George Thorogood, blues-rock legend

"A rare first-hand insight into life in a popular band from the sixties to the present...Good reading."
- David Evans, Music Professor University of Memphis

"Repugnant!" - Sonja, Ex-wife

The Spanish edition of Living the Blues is also available as a DVD E Book.

Fito de la Parra es la gran leyenda del rock y del blues mexicano que triunfó en el mundo. El mejor baterista de su generación ha escrito un testimonio extraordinario que carece de parangón.en la historia cultural de Mexico. Living the Blues entrega una obra de indiscutible valor literario el desafio de un joven que con su talento musical lorgró convertirse en una leyenda viva como baterista del grupo Canned Heat. En estas páginas vibra una generación y una época imprescindiblesÑ los años sesentas y setentas del siglo XX, que aún nos admiran y conmueven en torno del deseo de haberlos vivido.
-Sergio González Rodriguez, Reforma, México

The German edition of Living The Blues

'Living The Blues' straight became my No.1 music biography - and believe me, I've read many of those. A definite Must Buy for anyone who wants to get to know the truth about life on the road and the merciless music biz. This book offers a deep view into the hearts & souls of the musicians as well as an authentic and honest report of a band which survived the psychedelic 60's, the rocking 70's, the waved 80's and the over-technological 90's - well prepared to take the Boogie into the new century. The true story is told in an entertaining manner including a lot of macabre humour (probably that's what you need at most to be able to still carry on after being on the road more than 35 years).'Once you got the Boogie you will never lose it.'

How true. Thank you, Fito. I love you, bro!
- Gabi - friend, music addict & (too) idealistic music(ians) supporter

The French edition of the book has been released in France under the publishing company:

Beach Com Press.
It was translated by Beniot Herr, and has been available to the public since January of 2007.

"Motorcycles - the odd combination of BMWs and Harleys - play a key role in this rock’n’roll story, the autobiography of Fito de la Parra, drummer for the legendary blues band Canned Heat. De la Parra was there when the band hit the heights at Woodstock, and sold albums by the million, then hung on and kept the band going in the decades of ruin and death that followed. Here is the strange tale of the era when the band was managed by the Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Club, making one of the first rock videos with outlaw motorcyclists writing and producing. And de la Parra’s lifelong devotion to BMW motorcycles, from the time he was a struggling teenage musician in Mexico City, to the present day when a BMW is the magic machine that carries him to a crucial decision.”
- Whitehorse Press